What’s ahead for the ‘ships of Nashville?

June 8, 2016

TV Line reports that CMT is nearing a deal with Nashville producer, Lionsgate, to revive Nashville after ABC failed to renew the show for a fifth season. Fans around the globe are rejoicing at the thought of more time with their favorite fictional country music stars. But, what does it means for the ‘ships?


Juliette and Avery

Based on every rule of television that typically exists, Juliette and Avery have the best chance of happiness when Nashville returns. Sure, Juliette’s plane seems to have disappeared, but assuming that situation somehow resolves itself, the fact that Juliette and Avery hadn’t yet reconciled when the season 4 ended bodes well for their future. There’s still story to tell in terms of their journey back to each other, so here’s hoping we get to see these two fall back in love so they can raise Cadence together.

People mostly remember how terrible Juliette was before she met Avery, but Avery was no prize at the start of Nashville, either. They’ve both come a long way and their journey together is worthy of endgame status.


Scarlett and Gunnar

Can you feel my eye roll from there? Those familiar with our podcast know I’m no fan of these two. Though their relationship early on in the series was exciting to watch and the will-they-won’t-they really worked for them, in later seasons Gunnar became aggressive and manipulative and it made it tough to root for their eventual reunion. Toward the end of season 4, Gunnar did chill out a bit and backed off in a way that was well past due. Personally, I didn’t buy Scarlett’s realization that she’s loved Gunnar the whole time, but I know there are many (MANY!) out there who love these two, so I’ll try and keep my mouth shut about them when the show returns.

Last we saw “Scunnar” they were losing their spot on grimy Autumn Chase’s tour. They couldn’t stop themselves from making out on stage while pOof Autumn was working really hard to have Gunnar ice out Scarlett. She was less-than-pleased to learn so publicly that she’d failed and she naturally responded by kicking them off her tour.

Now that they’re on their own, can these two actually make a successful go of it? Only time will tell.  It’s not possible that every couple that ended on a high note will have smooth sailing ahead, though. What kind of issues could come between these two that wouldn’t feel redundant? I don’t know, but I’m certain they’re on the way. (Please please please don’t be an accidental pregnancy.)

If they are happy for a while, the big question is: What will they call their band?


Deacon and Rayna

A quick note to whoever is taking over the writing/producing/showrunning at CMT: No more using Deacon’s drinking as a potential wedge between Rayna and Deacon. In fact, how about allowing Connie Britton to be part of her second awe-inspiring TV couple, and making Rayna and Deacon a non-issue. On Friday Night Light’s Britton’s Tami and her husband, Eric (Kyle Chandler) had plenty of disagreements and arguments. They worked through them, though, and the longevity of their marriage was never in question. I’d love to see Rayna and Deacon established as a couple who are in it for the long haul. Enough is enough with the back and forth.


Will and Kevin

If I have one complaint about the finale of season 4 it is the quickness with which the camera cut away from Will and Kevin as they were having their reunion. I waited a long time to see these two find their way back to each other, and then we were cheated of really getting to enjoy it. The biggest reason this season 5 news is so exciting is because of the opportunity to get more Kyle Dean Massey, the actor who plays Kevin. He was sorely underused in season 4 and if CMT is smart, they will be sure to bring him on in a more permanent way and allow Will and Kevin’s relationship to be a big part of their show.
What are your thoughts about where these ‘ships might be headed? Any other characters you’d like to see in romantic relationships? Any other configurations of the characters listed here? Be sure to share with us!!

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