The Shipping Room’s Top 10 Vampire Diaries ‘Ships

March 10, 2017

We’re celebrating The Vampire Diaries the best way we know how – ranking our favorite ‘ships!

In honor of the series finale of The Vampire Diaries, we decided to look back at the last 8 years and celebrate the best romances that the series had to offer!

There have been dozens of ‘ships who made their way into our hearts over the course of the series – and it wasn’t easy to narrow down our Top 10.

Does your favorite ‘ship make the cut? Tell us in the comments!

10. Jenna and Alaric

Remember Aunt Jenna? And it seems like it was forever and a day ago that we met Alaric, when he showed up to hunt the vamps and teach Elena some history. He and Jenna had such great chemistry – and they totally GOT each other. Unfortunately, Mystic Falls’s creepy creatures had other plans for them, and tore them apart before they could ever tie the knot.

9. Matt and Rebekah

Matt genuinely loved Rebekah. She showed him that she WANTED to be a good person, and let her guard down to let him care for her in a way she hadn’t in centuries. They were super sweet, and unfortunately, super short-lived.

8. Damon and Rose

You didn’t think I’d forget one of the sweetest deaths in the history of the series? Damon and Rose’s chemistry was ON POINT. And as Rose was dying from werewolf poison, Damon fixed her memory so that she’d have a perfect day before she died.

7. Jeremy and Anna

Doesn’t it suck when two teens in love just can’t overcome the obstacles that stand between them? Especially when those obstacles are supernatural? Jeremy and Anna never had a chance – and that kind of sucked.

6. Bonnie and Jeremy

Somewhere down the line, Bonnie stopped looking at Jeremy as her best friend’s kid brother, and realized that he was kind of a catch! Jeremy and Bonnie’s romantic timing sucked – they could never be happy and alive at the same time – but those brief moments of true love were enough to sustain this ‘ship for a long time.

5. Stefan and Caroline

Stefan and Caroline were the ultimate BROTP – besties with no unresolved sexual tension. But somewhere down the line, they slowly developed tiny moments of chemistry, and then bigger moments, until they were the slowest burn in the show’s history. The payoff was sweet – these two make a lot of sense. But we still think they’re better suited with other partners.

4. Caroline and Klaus

Klaus got everything and anyone he wanted – he didn’t get rejected very often. Which was why Caroline filled him with so much frustration – she just wasn’t that into him. She hated the way he treated her friends, and never bought into his softer side – because he only ever shared it with her. She came around – kind of. While these two never officially became a couple, they did have one crazy hot hookup. And we’ll never stop hoping for a reunion – vampires live forever. Remember – Klaus made a promise that he would be Caroline’s last love.

3. Bonnie and Enzo

Bonenzo was the surprise you never knew you needed or wanted until it was right in front of you. There was no build-up to discovering they were together. There were no longing glances, or hurdles to jump. One day, three years in the future, POOF, there they were. And it was PERFECT. Watching them fall in love in reverse was one of the best parts of the big Season 7 time jump, and we desperately hope that in the afterlife they can be happy. No one deserves a happy ending more than they do. No one.

2. Stefan and Elena

The Vampire Diaries started with Elena and Stefan falling in love and conquering the hurdles that come when you’re a sixteen-year-old girl in love with a centuries-old vampire. Stefan is human Elena’s true love. He never fought her battles for her. He let her make her own choices, even when he disagreed with them. He let her stand strong on her own and respected her. Stelena’s ending could have been completely different, but…

1. Damon and Elena

Damon is vampire Elena’s true love. A friendship that blossomed while she still alive, and a stolen kiss, gave way to much more heightened feelings the second she became a vamp. The sire bond made us question how true this love really was – but Elena proved that her devotion to Damon had little to do with their blood bond and much more to do with her unwavering love for him. It looks like big brother gets the girl in the end. Even this Stelena fan can concede to that.


Be sure to tune in for The Vampire Diaries series finale on Friday, March 10 at 8/7c on The CW.

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One comment on “The Shipping Room’s Top 10 Vampire Diaries ‘Ships

  1. I would remove Damon and Rose and replace them with Caroline and Tyler. Way hotter, way more build up, etc. At the time when Rose was originally on TVD I was still pissed at her for screwing up season 3 of Supernatural, so I couldn’t stand the actress and had no time for her weaseling her way on to another favorite show. Plus Tyler was around a lot longer and had a pretty intense story going on that absolutely involved Caroline. I’m actually quite shocked they aren’t on this list.

    I wish Jeremy could have had more / better relationships. He’s so adorable, so I could have happily watched him have some steamy scenes with someone! (Anyone other than Bonnie, really. I never got that one.)

    Since I’m writing this after the finale has aired, ****SPOILER**** I’m going to let my imagination wander and believe that Caroline and Klaus did get together. I loved the note he sent her, and I know lots of people are hoping this means she goes over to The Originals. (I don’t watch that one, tried but couldn’t do it).

    And I know the biggest debate in TVD history is the love triangle of Stefan, Damon and Elena. I shipped Stefan and Elena when they were together because at that time they did work for each other. And when Elena and Damon were together, I shipped that because they were what made sense at the time. I think what gets people so hot about this topic is because they’re focusing on end game for their preferred couple. But high school Elena needed to be with Stefan. It worked, they worked. As she got older and more involved in life and the craziness of their world, Damon was the right choice. I don’t have anything against either couple, but Elena and Stefan are the Dean and Rory of this show. Good young love (for one of them…!), high school romance, but you know it’s not going to last forever. Damon is the person who helps Elena grow and fight and love and become what she wanted to be.

    I don’t know if I saw anyone as end game for Stefan. He and Caroline were cute together, but I really do see her with Klaus. Yes Klaus can be somewhat evil, but I believe he loves her more than Matt, Tyler or Stefan ever could or would. Plus they’re just super hot together. Stefan was Tamar’s favorite word, broken, and I don’t think anyone was going to be the salve that completely healed those wounds. I cried like a baby, but I think his ending worked. I think, for the most part, everyone ended up where they should be, and Stefan just didn’t seem to fit at that point. And let’s be honest, as much as Katherine didn’t want to go, the fact that Stefan was holding her while it happened probably softened the blow!

    I never shipped Bonnie with anyone because I couldn’t stand her from day one. The actress, the character, I just couldn’t. But Enzo was a super cutie! And I always wished someone would come along who was the perfect choice for Matt. He deserved that.

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