Get ready for our Dawson’s Creek Episode!

July 29, 2016

Hi all!

Next week we are thrilled the welcome back Aaron & Andy, aka the Gossip Guys, to chat about the ships of Dawson’s Creek! In preparing for this episode, DC superfan Andy made us a list of ship-centric episodes to rewatch. We wanted to share this incredibly thorough list with you and encourage you to watch some of your favorite Capeside moments before we talk about it on the show next week. All parenthetical notes are Andy’s brilliant commentary (find him at! [Bolded episodes are priorities!]

The Big Ones

1×1: Pilot

1×7: Detention (Breakfast Club!)

1×10: Double Date (bad episode but first hint of Joey/Pacey)

1×12: Beauty Contest (On My Own!)

1×13: Decisions (Dawson/Joey)

2×1: The Kiss (Dawson/Joey, Pacey gets his tips frosted, Andie/Pacey begins)

2×6: The Dance (Dawson/Joey, Jen/Dawson, Andie/Pacey)

2×14-2×15: To Be Or Not To Be/That Is the Question (Jack comes out)

2×21: Ch…Ch…Ch…Changes (Andie/Saint Pacey)

3×1: Like a Virgin (Risky Business homage with awful/hot Eve, but the ending is important)

3×12: Weekend in the Country (one of my favorite endings ever)

3×17: Cinderella Story (Joey/Pacey)

3×19: Stolen Kisses (Joey/Pacey)

3×20: The Longest Day (multiple POV ep, Dawson finds out about Joey/Pacey)

3×22: The Anti-Prom (Joey/Pacey)

3×23: True Love (the Dawson crying gif to end all gifs)

4×1: Coming Home (Joey/Pacey return to Capeside)

4×14: A Winter’s Tale (Joey/Pacey loving, weird Jen/Jack)

4×20: Promicide (sadface)

5×4: The Long Goodbye (bring all the tissues for this one)

6×2: The Song Remains the Same (Dawson/Joey finally happens)

6×15: Castaways (Joey/Pacey bottle episode)

6×23 & 6×24: All Good Things…Must Come to an End

Notable Bad Ones:

2×11: Sex, She Wrote: Somebody had sex! Abby Morgan is on the case of finding out who!

3×7: Escape from Witch Island: If you want to address the blink and you might miss it Jen/Pacey ‘ship

4×3: Two Gentlemen of Capeside: The one time Dawson is a hero.

4×6: Great Xpectations: The very special Andie does ecstasy episode!

4×7: You Had Me at Goodbye: The fall-out of the Andie drugs episode (referenced below) is often mentioned as one of the show’s best. Also has one of my favorite lines: “You gave my sister drugs, Jen!”

4×8: The Unusual Suspects: Harry Shearer interrogates Dawson and Pacey. Pranking!

5×17: Highway to Hell: Chad Michael Murray and Joey rock out

6×8: Spiderwebs (Eddie/Joey, Jensen Ackles, clusterfuck)

6×11: Day Out of Days (Jack Osborne)

6×13: Rock Bottom (Seth Rogen)

6×19: Lovelines (Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla. ugh)


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  1. Plus Andie returns but nothing s the same, Jack joins the football team and the PSATs are dragging down our Dawson s Crew.

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