This week we’re looking at May/December romances, or love stories between two people who are many years apart in age. We look at our favorites and discuss the merits of them all. What can we learn from these relationships? Why do they work? Why don’t they? We get the conversation started¬†and hope you’ll join us and continue it! Find us on Twitter or email us!!

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One comment on “Episode 56: May-December Romances (Big age gaps)

  1. Whitney Dec 22, 2017

    Hi! I love your podcast! I was introduced to it around the time of the Gilmore Girls revival and even though I don’t have a lot of free time to myself, being a mom of 2 small kids, I love to listen when I can. I mostly pick an episode at random when I listen because there are a lot of shows discussed that I don’t watch, so I usually stick to the “themed” episodes. While doing this I noticed something that kinda bothered me and I had to comment. (Hopefully you are able to see this even though it’s an older episode… and maybe it’s already been discussed further in more recent episodes… if so I apologize.)

    I believe this is the second time that I have heard Jeff and Annie from Community being discussed in an episode and I was disappointed both times because Christine seems to pass it off as a ship that was more in the viewers heads than in the creators. I am not a MEGA Community fan but I was really into it for the first 3 seasons and was very much a Jeff and Annie fan. Now I will admit that Christine was right in saying that in the very beginning there were fan tribute videos made of Jeff and Annie before there was even an inkling that they may turn into a thing… like 4 episodes in. The showrunner took one very well known early fan video and made his own tribute to it in the show, letting the fan know he was going to do so. If I remember correctly it was done in a way where it wasn’t rubbing it in the fan’s face that they were never going to happen, but as a way to honour those fans that stuck with Jeff/Annie. Christine was also right in saying that they didn’t really focus on the romantic relationships in the show because it was mostly about the comic hi-jinks of community college.

    However I felt compelled to respond to the way the ship was referred to as a something that wasn’t cannon… or more of a fan ship that never sailed and was never meant to. Those weren’t Christine’s exact words but those were the sentiments expressed both times I have heard her talk about them. I know the showrunner, Dan Harmon, came right out and said that it was as early as the Halloween episode in Season 1 (episode 7) that he knew he wanted to play around with Jeff/Annie. He saw some hidden potential and knew he wanted to go down that road. Two episodes later, while preparing for a big debate there is some major sexual tension between them, which was a big surprise to many viewers. In the end of that episode, they share their first kiss… as a way to win the debate. In episode 14 it is hinted at that Jeff is jealous that Annie’s new boyfriend “had his hands all over his debate/make-out partner”. Throughout the first season there are a lot of other little moments and hints sprinkled in, although they are not as obvious. Then in the Season 1 finale, like Christine says, Jeff is caught in a love triangle with 2 other women. He leaves the dance to get some air and bumps into Annie. That sexual tension comes back and they end up kissing again. It is not so out of the blue as it was described by Christine.

    The creators decide not to make them a couple because they knew at the time a relationship between Annie and Jeff would be wrong. This is something that Jeff struggles with for the entire series (although I have only watched the first 3 seasons). And I don’t think it is “Jeff is not into it” like Christine said. It is more an internal struggle between following his desires and doing what he views as the right thing. In fact, there is an episode in season 2 or 3, where we literally get a glimpse inside Jeff’s heart and there are 3 images of Annie in there. One being a picture of her boobs. Also in the opening scene of Season 3, Jeff is daydreaming a musical sequence and there is a line where Jeff and Annie say they are going to sleep together. Jeff wants Annie very much, but he doesn’t want to be that guy that takes advantage of a young girl. By season 3 they address that a little though and make a point of saying Annie is not really a little girl anymore. And of course by the end of the series she is 25 or 26, so it’s not a concern at all anymore.

    I would really love it if Tamar watched the series. I know you both have so many shows “on your list”, but it would be interesting to hear her perspective on it. Jeff is after all one of those bad boy, douchey characters that finds his heart among this group of misfits. Might be right up her alley!

    Thanks for your wonderful podcast!

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