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The Shipping Room’s Top 10 Vampire Diaries ‘Ships

We’re celebrating The Vampire Diaries the best way we know how – ranking our favorite ‘ships!

In honor of the series finale of The Vampire Diaries, we decided to look back at the last 8 years and celebrate the best romances that the series had to offer!

There have been dozens of ‘ships who made their way into our hearts over the course of the series – and it wasn’t easy to narrow down our Top 10.

Does your favorite ‘ship make the cut? Tell us in the comments!

Misremembering Mickey: The problem in the ‘Shameless’ narrative

This week’s episode of Shameless, entitled ‘Ride or Die,’ marked a reunion fans have desperately been waiting for. For the first time in a year and a half, Mickey Milkovich and Ian Gallagher were back together — in every sense of those words. It was a beautiful episode for this couple who have had more than their fair share of ups and downs. The circumstances are not likely to lead to happily ever after, but it was exhilarating to see that the passion and chemistry between these two hasn’t waned during their time apart. I would say they picked up right where they left off, except the show seems to have forgotten where they left off. And why.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life: A Shipper’s Perspective

So, here we are. We returned to Stars Hollow, we basked in the glow of our reunion with some of our favorite television characters, and we finally know how Amy Sherman-Palladino has always envisioned ending her beloved series.

There’s plenty to unpack as far as what this finale means for the Gilmore girls. Though many of us assumed the revival would bring much needed closure, the open-ended up-for-interpretation last few moments of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life may bring less clarity, not more.

We will spend a lot of time discussing all of our feelings about this reboot—and those last four words–in the upcoming episode of The Shipping Room Podcast, due for release at 12:01am on Friday 12/2. In the meantime, here’s a look at how this Thanksgiving weekend Gilmore binge is likely to have impacted the most dedicated shippers.

I just discovered ‘Eyewitness’ – Hurry up and do the same


In an age where great television can be consumed in a myriad of ways–on all the major networks, on basic cable, premium cable, streaming platforms, and YouTube–it’s impossible to watch everything. It’s hard to know why some shows break through the noise and catch on with audiences while others don’t. Certainly some of it is merit, but arguably some shows that find larger audiences don’t have as much to say as shows that struggle, and yet, they find themselves on air far longer than their meatier counterparts because their viewers show up week after week.

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Episode 83: Shipping on Greek!

The wait is over – it’s finally time to talk about Greek!

Greek was a groundbreaking series for ABC Family that centered around the sororities and frats – and the hookups, friendships, and family dynamics that came from them.

Were Cappie and Casey the best ‘ship ever? Would Evan and Rebecca have ended up together? Should we have seen more Rusty and Ashleigh? Is Calving just the best? We’re talking about all of that and more!

Don’t forget to join in the conversation! Find us @shippingroompod and share your thoughts.

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Episode 82: Short-lived Ships

This week we’re looking at shows that were cancelled early and talking about what could have been for the ‘ships that were lost. Doesn’t it stink to get invested in something that ends too soon? Is fan-fiction the perfect solution? What’s your ‘jammie-show?’ We’re talking about all of that and more!

We’re also sharing our thoughts on Riverdale, and Christine’s giving an update on her Suits binge!

Don’t forget to find us on social media @shippingroompod and share your thoughts! We can’t wait to hear them!

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Episode 81: ABC Soaps with Paul Gosselin and Caralynn Lippo

We’re welcoming back Mis-Guided’s Paul Gosselin and TV critic Caralynn Lippo, both super soap fans, to discuss some of the greatest love stories on All My Children, One Life to Live, Port Charles, and of course, General Hospital.

With over 60+ years of ‘ships to discuss, there was no way to cover every soap from every network in one episode. Look for PART TWO of this discussion in a future episode!

Don’t forget to continue this discussion with us on social media! Find us @shippingroompod and share your thoughts!

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Episode 80: Epic Love Moments with Jarett Wieselman

We’re joined this week by Buzzfeed’s Jarett Wieselman to celebrate Valentine’s Day with an episode dedicated to some of television’s most epic moments that celebrate love! Which Jim and Pam moment stood out to us? Are Buffy’s best love moments between friends and family? Is every moment between Ian and Mickey epic? We’re talking all of that and more!

Don’t forget to find us on social media @shippingroompod and join in on the conversation! You can find Jarett on Twitter @jarettsays! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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Episode 79: Game of Thrones with Will Choi and Steven Brandon

This week we’re joined once again by Drunk Monk Podcast’s Will Choi and writer and producer of Lost: The Musical’s Steven Brandon to chat about the acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones.

We’re diving right into the romances on Westeros and chatting about Will and Steven’s new project, Game of Thrones: The Musical, which begins previews in Los Angeles on February 10 and opens on February 17.

Remember, the conversation doesn’t end here! Find us @shippingroompod to continue the chat!

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